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History of the Ganja Khanate

Published Date: June 11, 2024

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May 28, 2024
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About the Book

Although the broad outline of the history of Iran in the eighteenth century is known, it still is one of the most “unknown” periods in the history of Iran. Moreover, much of that “known” history concerns the first half of the eighteenth century, mostly regarding Central and Southern Iran. Azerbaijan was one of Iran’s most important provinces, yet events that took place there after Nader Shah’s death have been understudied. This also holds true for the era of the autonomous Caucasian Khanates between 1749 and 1806, the history of which is mainly found in Russian sources. What’s more, the history of Ganja is one of the least known among them.


Babayev’s History of the Ganja Khanate discusses the political, military, and socio-economic developments in the semi-autonomous region and its position vis-à-vis its powerful neighbors (Georgia and Qarabagh), as well as the looming Qajar, and Russian threats. History of the Ganja Khanate fills an important part of this gap in our knowledge of the autonomous Khanates in Iran.