Mage Publishers is an independent press founded in 1985. We publish books of Persian (Iranian) literature and culture in English.

Latest Release!

Technology in Iran, 1800–1940: Chapar, Carts, Carriages, Automobiles, Bicycles, Motor Cycles, Lodgings, Sewing Machines,  Typewriters & Pianos

Latest Release!

Albert Houtum Schindler: A Remarkable Polymath in Late-Qajar Iran

Latest Release!

Shadman’s Diaries: The Odyssey of a Young Cleric, 1926-1928

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Mage (rhymes with sage, noun: from Persian mogh): 1. One of the magi. 2. A Person of exceptional wisdom.

The Magi were members of an ancient Iranian priestly tribe of the same name. Mage Publishers’ logo comes from a design on a seventh-century shroud found in the ancient city of Rey. It depicts Zal being taken up by the mythological bird Simorgh, and represents the spiritual rebirth of Iran.