Mage Publishers is an independent press founded in 1985. We publish books of Persian (Iranian) literature and culture in English.

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Mage (rhymes with sage, noun: from Persian mogh): 1. One of the magi. 2. A Person of exceptional wisdom.

The magi were members of an ancient Iranian priestly tribe of the same name. The Mage Publishers logo comes from a design on a shroud found in the ancient city of Rey near Tehran. It is said to have been the 7th-century burial shroud of Bibi Shahrbanu. She was the daughter of Yazdegerd III (the last of the Sasanian kings) and the wife of Imam Hossein (son of the first Shia Imam). It depicts Zal being taken up by the Simorgh, and represents the spiritual rebirth of Iran following the union of Zoroastrianism and Islam.