French Hats in Iran (Audio Book)

All memoirs bring the past into the present, but only a few manage to illuminate both simultaneously. French Hats in Iran, a quietly insightful masterpiece of remembrance, belongs in that select group.[read more>>]

Vis & Ramin

Vis & Ramin (Audio Book)

Vis & Ramin is one of the world’s great love stories. It was the first major Persian romance, written between 1050 and 1055 in rhyming couplets.[read more>>]


Savushun (Audio Book)

“An engrossing chronicle of life in Persia-just-turned-Iran by Simin Daneshvar. Her compassionate vision of traditional folk ways surviving amid the threats of modernity (including Allied occupation) give her work a resonant universality.[read more>>]

My Uncle Napoleon: A Comic Novel (Audio Book)

My Uncle Napoleon: A Comic Novel (Audio Book)

“My Uncle Napoleon should leave properly adjusted American readers desperate for more of this howlingly funny — not to mention tender, salacious and magical — Iranian import.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer[read more>>]