Crowning Anguish: Memoirs of a Persian Princess from the Harem to Modernity 1884-1914 – 2nd Edition

: December 14, 2020

“A Thousand and One Nights meets Raise the Red Lantern in this tale of growing up among royal wives and concubines in what is now Iran . . . .[read more>>]

Inside Iran: Women’s Lives

: July, 2002

“Howard places in context the history and politics of gender in Iran, making this volume accessible to a popular audience.” – Library Journal, July 2002 .[read more>>]



: January 11, 2017

“An engrossing chronicle of life in Persia-just-turned-Iran by Simin Daneshvar. Her compassionate vision of traditional folk ways surviving amid the threats of modernity (including Allied occupation) give her work a resonant universality.[read more>>]

Daneshvar’s Playhouse: A Collection of Stories

Daneshvar’s Playhouse: A Collection of Stories

: March 31, 2008

“In five intriguing stories, the formal detachment of Daneshvar’s prose reinforces her subtle revelation of repressive features in Iranian society. The author, one of the few wellknown women writers in Iran, is a feminist opposed to both political tyranny and religious fanaticism, themes obliquely indicated here.[read more>>]