Crowning Anguish: Memoirs of a Persian Princess from the Harem to Modernity 1884-1914 – 2nd Edition

: December 14, 2020

“A Thousand and One Nights meets Raise the Red Lantern in this tale of growing up among royal wives and concubines in what is now Iran . . . .[read more>>]

Tarikh-e Azodi, Life at the Court of the Early Qajar Shahs

: October 14, 2014

This book offers a uniquely intimate look at Soltan Ahmad Mirza, was a prince—the forty-ninth son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, who ruled Iran from 1797 to 1834.[read more>>]

The Persian Garden: Echoes of Paradise

The Persian Garden: Echoes of Paradise

: Mar 1, 1998

“The authors put the rather (to Western eyes) rectilinear gardens into context of surrounding landscape, buildings and the crucial subtle interactions of the shade, scent and color of plants and the all-important sound and sight of water.”- – Publisher’s Weekly[read more>>]