Joon: Persian Cooking Made Simple (Kindle/iPad Version)

Iranian cooking, with its emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients corresponds with the new trend of eating in America. “Join the delicious revolution!” as Alice Waters says; “Eat simply, eat together, eat seasonally, shop at farmers markets. [read more>>]

History of Bread in Iran (Kindle/iPad Version)

Since ancient times, bread has been the staple diet of the peoples living in the Iranian plateau. In History of Bread in Iran, Willem Floor, one of the foremost scholars of Iranian history, describes the beginnings of agriculture and bread-making, and the various grains and other products that were, and are, used to make bread. [read more>>]

From Persia to Napa: Wine at the Persian Table

From Persia to Napa: Wine at the Persian Table (Kindle/iPad Version)

“Winner of the World’s Best Wine History Book for 2007”- Gourmand Prize [read more>>]

A Taste of Persia: An Introduction to Persian Cooking (Kindle/iPad Version)

“Rose petals, angelica powder, barberries, and dried Persian limes are among the unusual elements that will awaken Western palates.” – Publishers Weekly. [read more>>]