History of Bread in Iran

: Sep 22, 2015

Since ancient times, bread has been the staple diet of the peoples living in the Iranian plateau. In History of Bread in Iran, Willem Floor, one of the foremost scholars of Iranian history, describes the beginnings of agriculture and bread-making, and the various grains and other products that were, and are, used to make bread.[read more>>]

Iranian National Identity and the Persian Language: Roles of the Court, Religion, and Sufism in Persian Prose Writing

: Oct 20, 2015

In this insightful study of Iranian cultural history and national identity, Shahrokh Meskoob, one of Iran’s leading intellectuals, reviews the roles of three social classes, the courtiers and bureaucratic officials (ahl-e divan), the religious scholars (ulama), and the Muslim Gnostics (Sufi poets and writers), in the development and refinement of the Persian language..[read more>>]

Tarikh-e Azodi, Life at the Court of the Early Qajar Shahs

: October 14, 2014

This book offers a uniquely intimate look at Soltan Ahmad Mirza, was a prince—the forty-ninth son of Fath Ali Shah Qajar, who ruled Iran from 1797 to 1834.[read more>>]

Lost Wisdom: Rethinking Modernity in Iran

Lost Wisdom: Rethinking Modernity in Iran

: February 4, 2004

“Milani shows that long before the European Renaissance generated the radical ideas that eventually reshaped Europe and the United States, Persian statesmen, artists, and intellectuals had formulated ideas that strikingly anticipate those of modernity.…” – Stephen Greenblatt, Harvard University .[read more>>]

Inside Iran: Women’s Lives

: July, 2002

“Howard places in context the history and politics of gender in Iran, making this volume accessible to a popular audience.” – Library Journal, July 2002 .[read more>>]